Official “All of Our Friends” MV

Official Music Video for “All of Our Friends,” composed by H.P. Mendoza and performed by YWO stars Lynn Chen and Parry Shen.

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With music and lyrics by H.P. Mendoza, this catchy track captures the main couple’s plight as they try to maintain the comforts of their unapologetically “modern” relationship while all their friends… seem to be going the more traditional route. A fun pop tune with witty lines you’ll want to listen to over and again, the song is extra special because it’s performed by our film stars, Lynn Chen and Parry Shen. Chen, who performed with the Metropolitan Opera House’s Children’s Chorus and is known to have “perfect pitch,” jumped at the chance to sing on the film’s soundtrack.

“All of Our Friends” totally captures the zeitgeist of this independent project in all its DIY glory. While the song was recorded by H.P. during breaks between scenes on set, the music video was shot during the Cast and Crew wrap party at Festa Karaoke in San Francisco’s Japantown. The music video itself is an homage to “old school” karaoke (laser disc forever!) as well as ’90s music videos from motion picture soundtrack chart-toppers (recall, if you will, my personal favourite – “500 miles” from BENNY & JUNE). Alongside the actual YWO Cast and Crew “singing along with Lynn and Parry,” you’ll also get a sneak peek at scenes from the film – just enough to whet your appetite for the World Premiere this Sunday.

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