LUKE and SYLVIA think of themselves as a modern couple – always in the know and open to new experiences. Enter ELENA and RONALD – a provocative polyamorous couple that challenge Luke and Sylvia’s status in their circle of friends and with each other. With temptation around the corner, Luke and Sylvia must figure out where they really stand on love, sex, and honesty.

A contemporary spin on a classic predicament, YES, WE’RE OPEN takes an intimate look at liberal San Francisco lifestyles over dinner and drinks with a side of infidelity.

The fourth feature film collaboration between director Richard Wong and writer H.P. Mendoza, YES, WE’RE OPEN was filmed on an ultra microbudget over 16 days in the San Francisco Bay Area. Motivated by the script’s refreshing take on relationships in the City by the Bay, the project came together after less than a month of pre-production and features established and emerging talent on both sides of the camera. A collaborative effort in true independent spirit, the film was made possible through the support and generosity of family, friends, and local patrons, as well as a successful Kickstarter campaign that helped to raise post-production funding in just ten days.

Duration: 80min
Ratio: 16:9
Format: HD Cam
Sound: Dolby SR
Year of Production: English
Country of Production: USA
Year of Production: 2012

For press or exhibition inquiries, please contact YesWereOpenFilm@gmail.com.