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“The conversation in this low-budget comedy contains lots of dirty talk, though it focuses, refreshingly, on the mundane aspects of long-term intimacy: these characters are comfortable with each others’ bodies and unafraid to say so. Director Richard Wong and writer H.P. Mendoza (the team behind Colma: The Musical) maintain a proudly local perspective and deliver the verbal humor at a fast clip… it scores points for honesty and likability”
- Chicago Reader

“…[A] a refreshing fun take on love, sex, and weird food.”
channel APA

“Yes, We’re Open does a really great job touching on the subject of sex, while mixing in some humor to make it all easier to swallow. It also helps that Lynn Chen, Parry Shen, Kerry McCrohan, and Sheetal Sheth were all amazing eye candy, too. *wink”
- edopeno

“…[Captures] the feel of non-tourist San Francisco, with locations at Green Apple Books, the Alemany Farmers’ Market, the Roxie Cinema, and other neighborhood locations, as well as gently lampooning foodies, hipsters, and tech geeks… [t]he movie is not unlike Annie Hall or some of Woody Allen’s other earlier romantic comedies in its young urban groovester milieu, its reliance on a specific cityscape (here San Francisco instead of New York) and its lighthearted take on the foibles of contemporary relationships.”

“…[A] strong, smartly written film and contains the right amount of humor and heart against the dreamy backdrop of San Francisco that isn’t just about what it takes to be in a loving relationship, it’s also about confronting yourself and finding out what you really want.”
Center for Asian American Media

“[P]robably the most honest sex comedy that I have ever seen… miles above any other romantic/sex comedy of recent times because it refuses to compromise or weigh itself with conventionality.”
- Composable Thumbs


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