Ready for the Weekend! Parry’s YWO Checklist

Ready for the Weekend?! Leading man Parry Shen helps Bay Area audiences get prepared for the next ten days of festivities at SFIAAFF30, including the World Premiere of YES, WE’RE OPEN.

Check out his latest blog, “Done, Done, and Done“:

“Gettin’ excited for this weekend and seeing this for the first time alongside a potential crowd of 1,400 peeps. If you’ll be in the Bay Area, won’t you be one of them? If so, there’s a pretty simple checklist below to follow.”

Special treat: check out Parry’s “special interpretation” of the film – and see you all at the Festival!

Behind the Scenes Weekend – Let’s Hear It For the Boys

Hello Friends & Lovers! We’re almost a week away from the World Premiere of YES, WE’RE OPEN – it’s hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since this incredible journey began. As a special treat for your patience (and cure for your antici…pation), we’re posting a whole weekend of behind-the-scenes flashbacks from the digital archives of our Cast & Crew. Enjoy – and see you at the Festival!

It’s high time we hear from the gentlemen of Yes, We’re Open – and who better to start with than our leading man himself, the incomparable Parry Shen. A breakout star after his turn in the pre-Linsanity Asian American male rallying piece, BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, Parry brings on-screen charm and formidable talent to a role that the grown BLT-raised audience can definitely relate to. On his blog, where he shares what he can’t fit in 140 characters or less, Parry describes his take on the film and his role in it: “It’s funny, sad, serious and bizarre all rolled into one. It’s the meaty role that I’ve been waiting for about 10 years to tackle.” As the lovable more-liberal-than-thou Luke, Parry is once again paired up with his Surrogate Valentine on-screen flame, the talented Lynn Chen – and together the two attempt to navigate the tricky world of San Francisco relationships politics. In bed.

Parry was not the only one excited for a role like his. Cast member Tasi Alabastro had no idea that a fateful audition would lead to his first feature film role – or that he would play the bff of an actor whose career Tasi had followed since he started his acting career in Hawai’i. When I called Tasi to let him know he would be acting alongside his longtime inspiration, he nearly had a cow. In his film-centered blog, The Kreen of the Crop, Tasi recounts his exhilaration at the pure serendipity of it all: “how profound that moment was for me learning that Parry was cast in the production… six years ago I left a comment on Parry’s blog offering thanks and a bit of praise for sharing this bit of industry insight and quips about the actual work.

In fact, Tasi is even able to excavate deep into the recesses of digital antiquities – even digging up proof from his xanga (!!!) message. Dreams definitely do come true, and our hats off to Tasi who will actually be in two films at this year’s SF Asian American Film Fest. From the longevity of Parry’s career to the persistence of Tasi’s spirit, these two gents exhibit the true indie spirit. We salute you – here’s to the onslaught of SHENsanity!